Content is only king when there’s context

“Content is king”. That is a rule of thumb adopted by website creators because they know that high quality content helps to attract and retain customers by positioning the company and by building relationships with people. Seth Godin, in his excellent free ebook Everyone is an Expert, says that people aren’t searching for anything online… […]

If social networking sites were college students

This was my most popular article on a previous incarnation of this blog. I’ve updated it and reposted it by request. Imagine that every social networking site were a college student. Here’s who they’d be: In the general arts degree program: The self-absorbed senior who’s been attending college for 8 years to get a […]

Review of Microsoft Bing

Microsoft’s success for so long has been to provide usable tools that are standardized across many computers. They’re not the best tools, they’re not the cheapest, they’re not the most expensive, but they’re ubiquitous and workable. That recipe has worked for Microsoft for a long time; desktops were Microsoft’s domain. But now, plenty of their […]