Your ‘uncategorized’ tag sucks

Image via Wikipedia This afternoon my wife and I cleaned out the miscellaneous drawer in our kitchen. We found $75 in cash, 2 batteries, 4 Pez dispensers, a dozen paper clips, a bazillion grocery receipts, and a ring of mystery keys (to locks we don’t think we own anymore). Everyone has a drawer like that […]

Generate more revenue in 2010

Someone asked me yesterday if I’d ever written on a specific topic. I had, but I couldn’t give them a specific reference because the work I’d written never appeared online. A client had paid me to write and then never did anything with it. Image via Wikipedia This happens from time to time, and it […]

Smart strategy: Wal-Mart competes with Amazon

Image via Wikipedia Wal-Mart has just stepped up to create a compelling online offer that should rival sites like Amazon. Traditionally, Wal-Mart’s business model has been to sell its inventory and it makes huge profit through excellence and innovation in supply chain management. Amazon, on the other hand, has a business model of selling other […]

Just read: ‘How Google’s Rankings Algorithm Has Changed Over Time’ at

Was sent this link a while ago from Jeffrey Priebe when he and I were collaborating on a project for his client. Search engine optimization is a great buzz word that gets kicked around a lot (and I’m frequently asked to “include” it in my work, although the asker doesn’t always know what it even […]