Just read: ‘Make Your Competition Irrelevant’ at Harvard Business Review

In nearly every industry, there is so much competition. Businesses have to fight ruthlessly for the attention of just a few customers. I don’t think this problem is going away any time soon: As access to the web becomes easier and cheaper all around the world, the barrier to start a business will become increasingly […]

My best advice on #innovation

I love innovation! It’s a great way to stir a business’ stagnant waters and compel positive change. Here are some of my previous blog posts on innovation and how to nurture it in your business: Inexpensive differentiation to easily outdistance your competitors (while selling more): Your sales funnel is the most important asset in your […]

How to destroy consumer complacency and get people moving through your sales funnel

As consumers, we all happily go about our merry little lives, until we realize we need or want something. Then we’ll consider buying it. But until then, everything is status quo. For businesses, status quo is a big problem. New start-ups build businesses and then wonder why people don’t buy — it’s probably because the […]

‘Business Meta-Map’ at MindMeister.com

I was browsing through MindMeister.com’s mindmaps recently and noticed that there were a lot of great maps (especially for small business owners) but there was little order to them. You sometimes really have to search for them! So I created a meta-map — a mindmap that links out to many maps and provides a sort […]

Your sales funnel equation

In the American Express OpenForum, author Braden Kelley explore an equation he calls “the innovation equation”. You can read the full article here. But calling this equation an innovation equation falls far short of what it really is (in my opinion). I think this equation is brilliant but it is so much MORE about your […]