Is your retail business leveraging this trend?

Retail businesses rely on customers coming into their stores and spending money. Getting more customers spending more money is the name of the game. With the exception of advertising, advertising, and more advertising, a lot of retail stores don’t do much else. (There are other options but they’re not always done well). However, a recent […]

How newspapers can survive in the age of free content

Way back in the day, I used to report the news in a daily newspaper. I learned a lot but moved into other forms of writing when I felt more like an ambulance chaser than a journalist. That was before the web. Today, it’s interesting to watch the newspaper industry on life support trying to […]

On Canadian Tire’s improved business strategy

Image via Wikipedia Okay, so most of my readers won’t know what Canadian Tire is, but for those of us who live in Canada, it’s an icon. It’s basically a big hardware store and automotive store; sort of a combination of an auto parts store, discount mechanic, sporting goods store, and Home Depot without the […]

Rethinking the consultant’s business strategy

I recently heard someone mention that a consultant’s job is to get fired. Although that sounds drastic, what they meant was that a consultant is hired to provide a service that, once delivered, should render the consultant redundant. For example, a company with an efficiency problem might hire an efficiency consultant who will get the […]