Just read: “The food court king” at CanadianBusiness

Every mall has a food court and, it seems to me, basically the same options: Usually a couple of Asian food places, an Italian place, a burger-and-fries place, and a sub place. The brands are usually pretty similar from one mall to another (at least in the malls I’ve shopped in). Turns out, someone has […]

Linking value to usage: Innovation in the auto insurance industry

One of my clients is an automotive insurance company. The other day, while a few of us were working on a positioning document, one of my contacts at the company observed that their company seemed to be held up to higher scrutiny than other organizations (like the power company or water utility). They were right […]

HP places a big bet on its future competitiveness

HP recently hired former SAP CEO Leo Apotheker as their new CEO. Some people are calling it a foolish move. I think it’s smart. I think HP is making a big bet on a strategic move that could transform the company. THE BACKGROUND First, a little background, just to review some of the recent events […]

Just read: ‘Increasing Market Share – Beer Market Study’ at Stealing Share

Yesterday I wrote a blog post called “5 beer spokesmen and what businesses can learn from them about marketing“. Right after I posted it, I read this excellent article on Stealing Share about beer markets and how they can increase market share. Increasing Market Share | Beer Market Study The article walks readers through the […]