How an insurance broker can piss off its customers in 4 short paragraphs

It’s that time of year again… when the broker that handles my house insurance pisses me off by sending me a letter reminding me of what bad customer service is. The letter reads: Dear Aaron: Re: Policy xxxxxxxxxxxx I am pleased to offer renewal of your policy which presently expires on April 15, 2011. The […]

Just read: ‘Building a Successful Food Blog’ at Inc Magazine

In this Inc. Magazine interview by writer Clarissa Cruz, food blogger Deb Perelmen answers questions about what it takes to blog and how she grew her food blog into a (nearly) full-time career. The recipe for building a successful blog is passion + dedication + time + consistency. A valuable lesson for any brand that […]

How to transition from a struggling bricks-and-mortar business to a successful online business

In a recent issue of Clickbank’s ezine GetRichClick, I read a great article about two business partners who owned a gym. Facing industry pressure to lower prices, they slowly transitioned their offline bricks-and-mortar business to an online one… a very successful online business. Starting with a small product and relying on organic search (instead of […]

I eat at Marcello’s and you should too

A key part of every business’ sales funnel should include a transformation from customer to evangelist. A customer is a contact who buys from your business. An evangelist is a customer who tells others about your business. Although the cash flow goal of your sales funnel is to acquire customers, one of the profitability goals […]

Your marketplace is changing. Are you keeping up?

A friend of mine observed that I tend to change my brand a lot: Longtime readers will know that I’ve shifted various aspects of my blog and my brand over the years. The reason for this continuous shift isn’t a lack of definition about who I am or what I do; it’s not because I […]