10 ways to turn your inexperience into an asset

You’re starting a business. But you lack experience. You’re worried that people won’t take you seriously or that they will question the level of value you can provide. You’ve heard the “fake it ’til you make it” motto, which is easy to say but difficult to live out authentically. Good news: I’ve been there. So […]

6 sales funnel tips for real estate professionals

Getting and keeping clients in your real estate practice can be so challenging: There’s a lot of competition and customers only buy once every 5 to 7 years. You have to fight for every Lead and nurture that Lead into a Customer. To help you succeed in the intense real estate profession, here are 6 […]

What Hollywood can teach you about creating a successful sales funnel

I’m looking forward to two movies this summer — The Hangover Part II and Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides. (Feel free to draw your own conclusions about me based on that confession). Although I PVR everything and tend to fast forward through the commercials, I’ll usually stop fast forwarding and play previews […]

Just read: ‘Bobby Flay Interview: How a Famous Foodie Got His Start’ at Wall Street Journal

I don’t usually watch a lot of TV — too many other things vie for my attention. But I have one big weakness: The Food Network channel. My wife and I love to try new foods and cook and entertain, so it’s a channel we both love to watch. Recently, we noticed that Bobby Flay […]

How one company is stealing customers from its competitor’s sales funnel

Thanks to my friend Ken Symes for letting me know about this great sales funnel story. Okay, before I can tell you about this story, I need to give you a bit of context because many of you are from around the world. Here’s something you need to know about Canada: Tim Hortons is a […]