On goal-setting: Activity goals are better than achievement goals

I love setting goals. But it’s so easy to fall short of achieving them. Perhaps one of the reasons is that I’m building goals around an ideal end-state. That end-state looks very specific in my mind. But how often do we actually achieve that end state? It may end up looking somewhat different (although that […]

One of the biggest mistakes people make when setting goals

I love to set goals. I’ve been that way for my entire life. Whether or not I actually reach those goals is another story, although I’m always being reminded of the importance of acting on your goals (which is why I write stuff like the Massive Action Checklist and Are You An Action Figure?). I’m […]

What’s your kick-ass plan?

It’s the time of year when we are knee-deep in planning what we want to do for the rest of the year. Stop smoking, lose weight, start eating more cookies, whatever. Planning is good but by the end of January, there’s a good chance that most of those plans fall apart under the pressure of […]