Here’s what I believe about starting and finishing #FinishWhatYouStart

Here’s what I believe about starting and finishing. It’s good to start things. You should start a lot of things. Starting things is fun and, if you’re wired that way you shouldn’t stop. And, once started, it’s okay if not all of those things see the light of day. Over time, you’ll drop some stuff, […]

My final #FinishWhatYouStart update

I’ve been blogging the past couple of months about my need to do a better job of finishing what I start, and I’ve been sharing candidly about the successes and struggles I’m having as I work through a list of of projects. Here’s my final update in the #FinishWhatYouStart blog post series. I will have […]

6 ways that optimism screws up your project #FinishWhatYouStart

It’s easy to start projects, it’s much harder to finish what you start. So I’ve been exploring how to start well and finish well… and how to overcome the obstacles in between. One of the things that can screw up your ability to finish well is your start. You need to start smart if you’re […]

#FinishWhatYouStart case study

A few months ago, I started a huge project with a client. The experience nicely coincided with my blogging about finishing what I start, so a lot of what I’ve been learning is feeding the project and vice versa. From October through the middle of December I wrote furiously to create my part of the […]

The end-states of the finish #FinishWhatYouStart

Projects are easy to start but not all of them are shepherded through to a finish. Some fizzle and are left out in the cold to die. I want to see more of my projects end successfully rather than fizzle so I’ve been thinking about the possible end-states of the finish. What are all the […]