The definitive guide to permission marketing

Permission marketing has been around for a while and most people are familiar with the basic concepts — you’ll enjoy more success in your marketing when your sales funnel contacts give you permission to communicate with them. Makes sense. If it worked the way it was supposed to, we wouldn’t have so much spam in […]

Unstick your sales funnel: Get stalled sales funnel contacts moving again

Some people move through your sales funnel quickly. Others move through slowly. That’s okay, as long as they’re moving. Unfortunately, some contacts just get stuck. They don’t go anywhere: They never actually buy from you, they may even continue to use your resources, and they ultimately distract you from buyers. Here are tips to unstick […]

Why I don’t have a newsletter (yet)

Building a loyal audience is one of the primary reasons that someone writes a newsletter or ezine. It offers a business tremendous long-term value to be able to interact with a loyal audience, communicate with them again and again, engage them, and market to them. I write newsletters for other clients, so why don’t I […]

Client Spotlight: TopStockGurus was a free report and weekly newsletter in which stock market gurus choose compelling stocks and give their reasons for the choice. As the editor of the report and the weekly newsletter, I tracked the gurus down each week and reviewed their investment recommendations and then develop content that introduces the investment and the […]