The 3 most important skills every entrepreneur MUST master

I periodically assess where I am in my business and how I want to push myself and my business further. (It’s not a formal assessment but rather just a review of what is going well, what isn’t going well and where I need to spend more time.) The same three results keep coming back and, […]

Confessions of an ineffectve executioner: Qualities of a great finisher (part 3)

I always have ideas bubbling in my head. I get them down on paper. I sort through them. I start a bunch. I finish much less than I start. I’m okay with that to some degree because I believe everything in business is a test. You need to get something out into the world and […]

Confessions of an ineffective executioner: A study in the process of starting and finishing (part 2)

Finishing. It’s a skill that I lack. I know I’m not alone. I think a lot of entrepreneurs are great starters. They’re dreamers, optimists, initiators. To hijack a financial term, entrepreneurs are bullish on the future. I don’t know a lot of successful entrepreneurs who are great finishers. (They might be out there, I’ve just […]

Confessions of an ineffective executioner: Why it’s so hard to finish what you start (part 1)

I love dreaming up new ideas. I love starting things. My mind is always brimming with things I want to try. A torrent of ideas is helpful in my line of work. And when I can get those ideas down fast, act on them fast, and see results… I’m a happy writer. The problem is, […]

Crowdinvesting: The next step after crowdfunding

When small business owners needed money to start and grow a business, they used to have three funding options: They could borrow against their own assets, could get a business loan or they could sell a portion of their business to family and friends. Then the web opened up new possibilities with crowdfunding — a […]