Small business success secret #1

What makes an entrepreneur successful? I believe there are 18 traits. I’ll look at one each day for the next 18 days. Small business success secret #1: Business owners need to accept that their effort doesn’t have to be perfect. This includes websites, sales material, even your sales presentation. It just needs to be good […]

Improve your workday schedule

Image via Wikipedia Scheduling and prioritizing are always issues with small business owners: It feels like everything is a priority! And, when you focus one thing, three or four other things will get pushed back. So, what gets your limited attention and what gets delayed? When billable work is piled high, it can be tempting […]

Just read: ’10 Common Mistakes That Startup and Small Companies Make’ at Fast Company

This is a great list of 10 (actually, there’s 12) mistakes that small companies make. Sort of the opposite of best practices. Believe me, these problems don’t go away once you’re actually operating. And I don’t think they’re limited to small companies (although the bigger you get, the more likely that you’ll staff up and […]