The liberation of limitations

I recently came across an article in Copyblogger that really resonated with me. (If you’re a regular reader of Copyblogger, you’ll probably say: “Don’t all their posts do that?). This particular post was about how email design limitations may see problematic at first but are actually liberating. In the post, the writer talks about learning […]

9 surprising lessons from running email marketing campaigns

I’ve run several email marketing campaigns for my own brands and for my clients. I’ve run them for entrepreneurs, consumers, equity investors, and real estate investors. I’ve run free and paid campaigns, educational/positioning campaigns and affiliate/ad-funded campaigns. I’ve run regular broadcast and autoresponder campaigns. From those campaigns I’ve learned several lessons — like the importance […]

Business model: Ad-based email

I’m always interested in finding business models and filing them away so that I can use them somewhere else in the future. And, from time to time, I talk about a specific business model and how I (or one of my clients) is using it successfully. These models aren’t necessarily new (although some might be […]