Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Fundamental analysis, monetary policy, and medical ethics’ edition

Here’s what I’m reading this week. The limit of fundamental analysis: You. I love investing and I particularly love fundamental analysis. There’s something really fun (perversely so, I realize) about doing your own due diligence on a stock. So the title of this article caught my attention. In the article, Jordan Terry talks about the […]

Yes, you CAN time the market (just not in the way you want)

Timing the market is the most ridiculous idea out there. (Well, maybe not the MOST ridiculous idea out there but it’s pretty out there and it’s pretty pervasive so maybe it’s high up on the list). The thinking behind timing the stock market goes something like this: “Oooh! I want to buy that stock. But […]

My 7 favorite economic indicators

Economic indicators are tools used by investors and economists and governments and business owners to forecast how the economy is likely to change so they can plan accordingly. I’ve always followed a couple of economic indicators but I recently picked up a book called The Wall Street Journal Guide To The 50 Economic Indicators That […]

Financial apocalypse or bonanza? A rant against the newsmedia

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… or, at least that’s the case according to the newsmedia. There’s a problem with the economy and it is NOT the Eurocrisis. It is the newsmedia. Newsmedia companies need to sell more papers and get more eyeballs on their websites. So they are […]

Financial theory: View the Yale course on YouTube

Okay, some of you will look at this blog post and nominate it as the boringest blog post of the year. But not me! I love this stuff! Here are 26 Financial Theory (ECON251) classes from Yale, along with a “table of contents” from each video. FINANCIAL THEORY ECON251 Financial Theory with John Geanakoplos Download […]