10 ebooks a real estate agent should write

As a real estate agent, your job is to list homes for sellers and show homes for potential buyers. It’s a highly competitive marketplace so you use whatever tools you can to help set yourself apart. Here are ten ebooks to help you do that. Why you should buy a home in XYZ neighborhood. How […]

10 ebooks a property manager should write

Property managers are busy people and one of the challenges of their job is to handle all of the calls and requests they get about their properties throughout the day. Here are 10 ebooks that can help them run a more successful business. (Some of these ebooks might be good to sell to enhance passive […]

10 ebooks a mortgage broker should write

On average, people move once every seven years. For a few weeks prior to their move, they think about a mortgage. And the rest of the time? It doesn’t cross their minds. But mortgages can be complex to understand and the challenge to understanding them is compounded by the infrequency that they are thought about. […]

How to be the “celebrity chef” of your niche

I am secretly addicted to the Food Network. (Okay, not so secretly anymore). I love cooking competitions and restaurant makeover shows. My PVR is set up to automatically record shows like “Opening Soon”, “Kitchen Nightmares”, and “Restaurant Impossible”. Many of these shows have one thing in common: A celebrity chef who seems to be equal […]

10 ebooks a foreclosure specialist should write

When clients are facing foreclosure, they are in desperate need of information. Provide that information to position yourself as an expert. Here are some ideas for you to help them. 9 ways to avoid foreclosure (even if you’ve missed a couple of mortgage payments). A guide to understanding the foreclosure process (including timeline, key players, […]