10 ebooks a lending or leasing professional should write

Lending and leasing professionals should offer some of these ebooks for free to help position them as experts in their market, or for sale to help generate a passive revenue stream. Leveraging: How to make money with borrowed money. How to improve your credit to get more money at a lower interest rate. How to […]

10 ebooks a private equity professional or venture capitalist should write

Unlike many other professionals in the financial industry, private equity and venture capitalists have the unique benefit of not really needing to chase after clients – rather, they have the opposite problem of culling through a big list of potential clients to find the right ones. And in some cases, they might also have multiple […]

10 ebooks a collections or accounts receivable professional should write

Professionals working with accounts receivables work with two groups of people – the departments or companies that are owed money and trying to get it collected (by using your services) and the people or businesses who are not paying. The ebooks presented below each address one of these two groups. Understanding credit and debt. Bankruptcy […]

10 ebooks a financial advisor should write

As the economy crumbles and peoples’ portfolios are decimated, financial advisors have to work harder than ever to gain the trust of their potential clients. Ebooks can help to establish expertise and demonstrate value. They offer another advantage as well: Written correctly, they can help to make the client an integral part of the financial […]

10 ebooks a financial software firm should write

The financial software market is very competitive. If you run a financial software firm, here are 10 ebooks you should write to help you market your business or to add a new revenue stream. How your software fits within the bigger picture of developing a financial portfolio or managing wealth. List the different kinds of […]