How one company is stealing customers from its competitor’s sales funnel

Thanks to my friend Ken Symes for letting me know about this great sales funnel story. Okay, before I can tell you about this story, I need to give you a bit of context because many of you are from around the world. Here’s something you need to know about Canada: Tim Hortons is a […]

Just read: ‘Give ’em Something to Talk About’ at Fast Company

My wife and I eat at restaurants as much as anyone else. But when it comes to talking up a restaurant to friends, the quality of food or the friendliness of the service rarely plays a part. Rather, we talk up restaurants for the unique experience: We recommend Nando’s because you order your food and […]

Linking value to usage: Innovation in the auto insurance industry

One of my clients is an automotive insurance company. The other day, while a few of us were working on a positioning document, one of my contacts at the company observed that their company seemed to be held up to higher scrutiny than other organizations (like the power company or water utility). They were right […]

Why ‘Good Fast Cheap, Pick 2′ might be wrong (and how to fix it so you can sell more)

“Good Fast Cheap. Pick two” is a well-known and much-quoted maxim. It succinctly communicates the value you can provide to customers, as well as the relationship between what your customer wants and what they are willing to give up to get it. But I don’t think it’s entirely correct. Certainly, it’s easy to remember but […]

Lifestyle games: Putting the “fun” into “social media”

You’re probably already familiar with Foursquare, the social media site that lets you “check in” to venues and leave tips and to-dos while generating a stream/timeline of where you go and what you do. I like Foursquare. I think it combines two powerful forces on the web right now: social and local. It gives you […]