How to write a kick-ass USP

One of the most important things a financial or real estate professional can do to grow their business is identify what makes them unique in the marketplace. It’s so important because the market is saturated with financial and real estate professionals and many (dare I say “most”?) offer almost exactly the same service at exactly […]

What’s the “pickaxe factor” in your sales funnel?

I’m renovating my kitchen. I have a company come in and do the cabinets, the countertops, and the floors, but I do the plumbing myself. The reason? I’m a half-decent plumber (usually — there was one time when that wasn’t the case, but that’s another story) and I don’t mind the work of plumbing. Since […]

How to use competitive analysis to grow your business

In my recent blog post 99 ways to optimize your sales funnel and grow your business, one of my tips was to do a competitive analysis to see what your competitors are offering that you aren’t. Explore how you might offer similar benefits in a superior way. In this blog, I want to show you […]

6 reasons why you WANT to have competitors in your marketplace

When I was in high school, my friend’s family owned the very first computer store in town. I was always sort of impressed that they had a lock on that market. I imagined a business without competition to be the highest level of business achievement – a sort of entrepreneurial nirvana. Then, to my surprise, […]