Price as a deciding factor in the sale: When it’s okay and when it’s not okay

Price will always be a deciding factor in every sale… to some degree. The reason is that buyers unconsciously have a price they are willing to pay to solve their problems or fulfill their needs. The more acute their problem or need, the more they are willing to spend. (Your job as a business owner […]

Simple but brilliant real estate marketing strategy

Real estate professionals are always looking for an edge to help them sell more houses. There are a lot of houses to sell (and many more coming on the market) and a lot of real estate professionals vying for those sales. What can a real estate pro do to help them gain just a little […]

How to be the “celebrity chef” of your niche

I am secretly addicted to the Food Network. (Okay, not so secretly anymore). I love cooking competitions and restaurant makeover shows. My PVR is set up to automatically record shows like “Opening Soon”, “Kitchen Nightmares”, and “Restaurant Impossible”. Many of these shows have one thing in common: A celebrity chef who seems to be equal […]

How the ‘Good, Fast, Cheap’ concept can help real estate professionals build better relationships with clients

You’ve probably heard the well-known, often-quoted concept that all products or services possess two of the following three qualities: Good, Fast, Cheap. It means that every product or service you buy will be… Good and fast but not cheap Good and cheap but not fast, or, Fast and cheap but not good Every client who […]

How to eliminate price pressure from people who don’t want to pay your fees

Real estate and financial advisors are under a lot of pressure to lower their fees for clients. The pressure is sometimes audibly heard from clients who blatantly ask: “Would you consider lowering your fee for me?“. And sometimes it’s not heard at all because the prospective client doesn’t bother using your service and decides to […]