The idea of something versus the reality: This HUGE problem is like an anchor on your business (but it’s also an opportunity)

I recently posted on Facebook that I wished I liked pesto as much as I like the idea of pesto. Pesto sauce on pasta sounds so good but I’ve never had a pesto I enjoyed; I always leave the table disappointed, regardless of how skilled the chef was who prepared the meal. But I look […]

How to be the low-cost provider without charging the lowest price

I hear from businesses all the time about the challenge they face in competing against lower-cost competitors in the marketplace. It seems like businesses must choose to be either the low-cost version or the non-low-cost version. It doesn’t seem like there’s a middle ground… … But there is a middle ground. It is possible for […]

If you match your competitors’ prices… STOP

“Price match guarantee“. I see that advertised frequently by stores proudly proclaiming that they will “gladly match all regular competitor prices”. The thinking is: Mr. or Ms. Consumer will see the flyer for one store but bring that flyer to your store to get the same deal. Or on larger ticket items, Mr. or Ms. […]

11 ways to build credibility for your business

Prospects are more likely going to turn into customers when they feel that they will be buying from a company that is credible. The more credible you are — the more trust and authority that prospects ascribe to you — the more likely you are going to win their hard-earned dollars when they are ready […]

7 ways that real estate professionals can differentiate themselves from their competition

I love the real estate industry. There is so much opportunity for an entrepreneurial, self-starting salesperson to succeed. Unfortunately, when I look around at real estate professionals within the industry, I see many professionals who struggle. With all due respect to my friends, colleagues, and clients in the real estate industry, one of the problems […]