Why you should annoy your prospects to grow your sales funnel

Did you annoy your siblings when you were a kid? Maybe you poked them or you drew a line across the back seat and staked your claim on one side and forbid them to cross over or you stole something of theirs. And then they’d run off and tell mom and dad. And there were […]

The evangelist equation: How to get your customers to fill your sales funnel for you

My hammock gave out in the spring of 2010. Squirrels had ravaged it while preparing nests for the previous winter. I’ve been meaning to replace that hammock but last summer was busy and wet (not conducive to “hammocking”). So yesterday I went outside and realized that the weather was perfect but I remained hammockless. I […]

Just read: ‘Create Brand Superfans’ at Harvard Business Review

The goal of your business is not to make a sale. Rather, the goal of your business is to earn profit from sales. If the goal of your business was to make a sale, then you risk turning your business into a hamster wheel — where you sell one thing to one buyer and then […]

3 tips to improve word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective and most profitable kind of marketing there is. It’s most the effective because it’s peer-to-peer marketing (a friend tells another friend) and therefore is more trusted than if you as a business owner were to say exactly the same thing to your audience. It’s the most profitable because it […]

What Hollywood can teach you about creating a successful sales funnel

I’m looking forward to two movies this summer — The Hangover Part II and Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides. (Feel free to draw your own conclusions about me based on that confession). Although I PVR everything and tend to fast forward through the commercials, I’ll usually stop fast forwarding and play previews […]