Innovation ideas from an ambivalent customer

In January 2008 my wife and I bought a furnace and air conditioning system from a local franchise of this company. Along with the standard expectations of hot air and cold air, it also came with various good-for-the-environment and good-for-our-health features that we liked. We paid the equivalent of a small car (with undercoating) and […]

Equal is not good enough

Years ago, when studying to become a stockbroker, my classmates and I were discussing the relationship between risk and reward among investors. Our instructor gave us a useful rule-of-thumb: “Between two investments of equal return, the rational investor will choose the one with a lower risk. And, between two investments of equal risk, the rational […]

Worst customer service questionnaire ever

I use an online service for some communication support in my business. They’re okay. They don’t wow me but I haven’t found anything better at this point. I’ve had some minor technical issues and I’ve made some suggestions on their feedback site, but it’s all been fruitless. Today I was given this survey when I […]

A good helpdesk experience?

Normally, I avoid helpdesks as much as possible… for all the regular reasons. But I recently installed a new wireless router and the “quick install wizard” was neither quick nor installing and completely wizardless. In the process of installing, the wizard was supposed to replace the account I normally used to connect to the internet […]