How the ‘Good, Fast, Cheap’ concept can help real estate professionals build better relationships with clients

You’ve probably heard the well-known, often-quoted concept that all products or services possess two of the following three qualities: Good, Fast, Cheap. It means that every product or service you buy will be… Good and fast but not cheap Good and cheap but not fast, or, Fast and cheap but not good Every client who […]

61 questions to strengthen your client relationships and build loyalty

Clients have a lot of choice when it comes to selecting a real estate or financial professional to meet their needs. And just because we serve a client once doesn’t mean they’ll come back to us when they need a similar service in the future. Client loyalty is scarce. One important way to create client […]

How insurance brokers can cultivate loyalty in their customers

If you drive down the average street of the average city in North America, you’re going to pass several insurance broker offices, each offering basically the same service to the same clientele at the same price. True, a broker might be able to identify a few key areas where their business offered insurance products that […]

The evangelist equation: How to get your customers to fill your sales funnel for you

My hammock gave out in the spring of 2010. Squirrels had ravaged it while preparing nests for the previous winter. I’ve been meaning to replace that hammock but last summer was busy and wet (not conducive to “hammocking”). So yesterday I went outside and realized that the weather was perfect but I remained hammockless. I […]