How one magazine lost thousands of dollars in repeat sales

A couple of months ago I advertised my services in a magazine. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a great experience working with the sales department and it’s enough to make me think twice about working with them again. What’s surprising, though, is how small and easily fixable their problems are. So I won’t name them here […]

Small business strategy question: Why would someone want to buy from you instead of your competition?

This post is part of an ongoing series exploring 100 small business strategy questions. Businesses used to be hard to start. But now, thanks to the web, they are insanely easy to start. This leveling of the field was good in some ways but also bad in some ways, too. The web made it easy […]

How to handle difficult customer service situations and bad PR

Running a business means putting yourself out there… and guess what: You’re not going to please everybody. I could fill a book with times that I’ve pissed off customers (when I was an employee and as a business owner). Of course I don’t go out of my way to do it but it happens. Clients […]

What a $110 lightbulb can teach about sales and customer satisfaction

A few years ago, I bought a brand new furnace/air conditioning system from One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning. I’ve been very happy with the furnace and air conditioning system itself, although the company has struggled with delivering good service. If it wasn’t a requirement of the warranty, I would have dropped them years ago. […]