7 critical elements in your real estate investor copywriting

Real estate investors need to communicate compellingly to several different audiences. Since face-to-face marketing isnt always possible, they frequently use persuasive written content (“copywriting”) such as signs, ads, flyers, sales letters, websites, and blogs. If you are a real estate investor and your want to create some persuasive content for your audience, make sure that […]

2 real estate investor sales funnels that I really like right now

I was talking to a prospective client late last week. He’s a real estate investor and he was asking me about different sales funnels that I thought were particularly effective for real estate investors. Here’s the answer I gave him: There are two sales funnels that I really like for real estate investors right now. […]

The one sentence that might be killing your insurance broker marketing efforts

When I open the newspaper or flip through the phone book, there’s one phrase used by a lot of insurance brokers. Unfortunately, this phrase is not an effective use of the limited space in your marketing and advertising. The sentence I see repeated over and over in a lot of insurance broker marketing is: “Helping […]

How to hire the best ghostwriter for your content (and what you should REALLY look for)

Businesses need content to sell their products or services: They need marketing material, web content, sales scripts, instruction manuals… and sometimes they need content written which will actually be the product sold (as in the case of ebooks). Not everyone can write or wants to write, and that’s where a ghostwriter comes in. Ghostwriters are […]

What is the difference between copywriting and technical writing?

I call myself a “business writer” because it encompasses both copywriting and technical writing. But I have bumped into a lot of people recently who don’t really know what I do: This month, while working with some clients for whom I’m doing copywriting, I was asked what a technical writer was; and, while working with […]