Welcome to the dark side: 13 annoying things no one tells you about making money online

Starting and running an online business is often presented as a rose garden of instant wealth and self-actualization. It’s not. The “make money online” niche is a MASSIVE niche that rakes in a ton of money by selling the promise… but many people who spend money on these products continue to struggle. I can’t tell […]

How to write copy when you have seemingly insurmountable problems with your product

When I was a sales person, I felt like the products I was selling sometimes had insurmountable problems with them (usually related to the objections that most commonly killed the sale). Then when I became a sales manager, all of my sales people came to me with the same complaints I had when I was […]

How to provide helpful criticism to your copywriter

Criticism is often viewed as a dirty word — both among writers and among clients. It’s a word that has such negative connotations around it that most of the business books I’ve read usually add the word “constructive” in front of “criticism” to lessen the negativity. The “constructive” part of “constructive criticism” should be redundant […]

How to create more effective calls to action

Any interaction you have with a lead, a prospect, or a customer will likely have some kind of call to action or desired outcome attached to it. Those calls to action or desired outcomes are key to how well your business runs today and how successful it will be in the future. Here are some […]

Copywriting as storytelling: A reinterpretation of a TED video

One of the biggest challenges in copywriting is capturing the attention of your prospective buyer. And once you have that attention, the next biggest challenge in copywriting is keeping that attention. (Hint: After keeping their attention, the last biggest challenge in copywriting is getting them to act!) How do you do those things? In the […]