The unofficial guide to using

When something new comes out and you want to tell your friends about it, how do you present it to them? Do you use the press release format to announce the newsworthy event? Do you use an informational article format to explain what it is? Probably not. You likely use stories. You tell your friends […]

9 ways to add value to your next ebook (so you don’t have to fill it with royalty-free images)

You’ve finished writing your ebook. You sit back in your office chair and breathe a sigh of relief. It’s a long document, brimming with a mix of wit, personality, and (of course) your expertise on the topic. You’re certain that it will offer your readers the insight they’re looking for. But something’s not quite right. […]

Turn your plateaus into springboards for a brighter business future

Last night I received a call from a friend of mine who is contemplating a move. He is an independent consultant affiliated with a national organization and he’s been offered an interesting opportunity with another organization. His current position offers a higher potential cash flow (although a big payday hasn’t happened yet) and the new […]

BCG on strategy: Strategic and Natural Competition

In this BCG On Strategy series, I go chapter-by-chapter through the book: The Boston Consulting Group On Strategy: Classic Concepts and New Perspectives (2nd edition). Join me each week for BCG On Strategy at OVERVIEW: STRATEGIC AND NATURAL COMPETITION Boston Consulting Group’s Bruce Henderson wrote the chapter “Strategic and Natural Competition” in 1980. In […]

Mine is bigger than yours: Competitiveness and marketing content

Verizon and AT&T are locked in a battle for my mind. Every TV show I watch seems to have a commercial in which one of them talks about how they are better than the other. One of them (but I’m not sure which one) shows two side-by-side color-coded maps indicating national coverage of their phones. […]