11 ways to repurpose your content

You’ve got a great idea and you’ve written the most kick ass content and published it through a particular channel. Instead of going back to the drawing board to write something else, why not repurpose that same idea in several different ways so that, with some slight revisions, you can make it available to new […]

Inexpensive differentiation to easily outdistance your competitors (while selling more)

Businesses look for opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In doing so, they hope to capture more marketshare of customers who see their point of differentiation as a must-have. Opportunities to differentiate are often found in technology, service, price, systems, or offering: A business might be a technical innovator, allowing them to deliver the […]

How to sell more by mapping your content to your buyer’s mindset

When marketing your business, it’s easy to become enamored with the latest and shiniest marketing techniques. Like a new car the “new marketing method smell” fogs our brain and makes us believe that THIS particular technique will send a flood of new customers. Unfortunately, this method of bandwagon marketing completely ignores a fundamental tenet of […]

Marketing strategy tips: 13 tips to develop a powerful marketing strategy

Image via Wikipedia Lots of businesses use the flavor-of-the-week approach to marketing. They read about great success that a business has had with articles so they have a bunch of articles written one week. Then they read about press releases another week and they have some press releases written. Then they learn about successful marketers […]

8 ways to destroy sales objections BEFORE they are asked

Image by Ambrosio Photography via Flickr Every business performs some kind of sales presentation or pitch to help convince a prospect to buy. The pitch might be face-to-face (at a sales counter or at the door), over the phone, through a written proposal, or online. Not all of those sales are completed, though; they are […]