Magalog – A sales tool with untapped potential

Business owners frequently rely on the standard marketing and sales tools that are out there: Perhaps articles, press releases, and websites to get attention and start building a relationship; blogs, social media, downloadable reports to grow the relationship and to position the business; and presentation content to close the deal. Pretty standard stuff, really. All […]

How newspapers can survive in the age of free content

Way back in the day, I used to report the news in a daily newspaper. I learned a lot but moved into other forms of writing when I felt more like an ambulance chaser than a journalist. That was before the web. Today, it’s interesting to watch the newspaper industry on life support trying to […]

Is your MLM business on life support?

Multi level marketing businesses are sold to participants on the idea of growing a turnkey business, building a downline income and succeeding to the point where you get a boatload of passive income and can sit by your pool all day sipping martinis. Sounds nice. Which is why MLM’s sell so well. But most network […]

How your sales funnel can really piss me off

A good sales funnel will slowly coax a contact from audience to lead to prospect… and finally convert them into a customer. It will nurture the relationship and add value all the way through from one end to another. But some businesses’ sales funnels are pissing me off. Twice this year I’ve struggled with key […]

Toll booths in your sales funnel

I had the privilege of joining business genius Heather Villa in one of her recent podcasts. We talked about the challenge that business owners face when they have phone conversations with prospects; we attempted to answer the questions of how much information should be given ahead of time and how to separate the tire kickers […]