My 5 favorite content channels

I’m frequently asked by clients where they should concentrate their efforts while marketing their business. They know that the right content in the right channels can make a significant and positive impact on their business but there are so many choices! Of course, every business is different but here are a few that I recommend […]

Knowledge centers: Why your growing business needs one and how to build it

Growing businesses face a variety of challenges, from scaling distribution to hiring and training competent staff. A knowledge center can help to minimize the pain that comes with growth. A knowledge center is an offline or online area in your business where you capture and store all of your best practices, procedures, processes, and more. […]

How to sell an ebook on the web

Selling ebooks can be lucrative, and it’s an easy business to start. Unfortunately, although people know that they need an ebook if they are going to sell one, the other parts of the equation aren’t as clear. What ELSE do they need? What should they do first? How do they make it all fit together? […]

My content strategy evolution

I’ve been writing professionally for a long time. 17+years, in fact. For newspapers, magazines, corporations, you name it. I’ve watched ebbs and flows in business as content — and the purpose and function of content — has changed. THE SHOTGUN APPROACH TO CONTENT Just a few years ago, as the volume of my web writing […]

Is your retail business leveraging this trend?

Retail businesses rely on customers coming into their stores and spending money. Getting more customers spending more money is the name of the game. With the exception of advertising, advertising, and more advertising, a lot of retail stores don’t do much else. (There are other options but they’re not always done well). However, a recent […]