3 ways to earn passive income through content-creation

A few days ago, I posted 2 blog posts about moving your business toward a passive model — one in which you maximize your return while you minimize your effort. In those posts, I outlined the key business functions which CAN demand a lot of time and attention, but which entrepreneurs should try to make […]

Why sales funnel strategy is going to be a big trend in 2011

In the past decade (plus a little bit), the internet has created a universe of opportunity for new and old businesses to become marketing machines. This has been good… but it has also been bad. In pre-internet days, businesses would think up some marketing ideas, have them created by professionals, and rely on more traditional […]

How to hire the best ghostwriter for your content (and what you should REALLY look for)

Businesses need content to sell their products or services: They need marketing material, web content, sales scripts, instruction manuals… and sometimes they need content written which will actually be the product sold (as in the case of ebooks). Not everyone can write or wants to write, and that’s where a ghostwriter comes in. Ghostwriters are […]

Online reputation management: How to clean up or eliminate unfavorable search results

No matter how good your business is, you’re bound to get some bad press at some point. It’s a part of business but wouldn’t be so bad… if it didn’t appear on the first page of a Google search result! Somehow, bad news or reviews seem magnetized to the very top of search results, and […]

Aaron’s Answers: How does it all work together?

“There are lots of different things you can do online… When do you use them and how do they all work together?” I’ve had three people ask me that same question recently so I thought the topic deserved its own blog post! The people who asked me were a realtor, the owner of a bacon […]