Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Content marketing, WordPress security, and content tools’ edition

Here’s a selection of stuff I’ve been reading this week: The SEO’s dilemma: Link-building versus content marketing: The article itself was from a couple of weeks ago but I’m just getting to it now. What I liked about this article is that it highlighted a disparity I barely knew existed. But as soon as I […]

Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Local search, press releases, and the future of content’ edition

Here are some of the things I’ve been reading this week: Local search ranking factors: There’s a big push back to the local market and I’ve been watching it increase in importance over the past couple of years. Well, the good folks at Moz have surveyed and analyzed the factors that influence local search ranking. […]

Copying, plagiarism, and how to avoid duplication and copyright infringement

I recently had a prospective customer contact me and ask about my writing services. His organization wants to create some content and they have a few pieces from competitors that they really like. This prospect wondered if I could do something similar for his company but was quick to clarify that he didn’t want me […]

Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Putting the awesome back into SEO’ edition

I get emails from people asking me if I would write SEO content. I get requests like that every day. And usually when they ask for SEO content, what they are really asking for is content that contains their selected keywords in a certain percentage, with which they will immediately skyrocket to the first position […]

Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: First edition

I’m starting a new series on my blog, Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list. It’s a collection of links to stuff I’ve read in the week that I think you might also find interesting or useful. Enjoy! Dennis Crowley and the cycle of second-guessing. This article by Om Malik gives a positive spin to Foursquare, Foursquare’s […]