If you’re trying to decide on the best social media strategy, you’ve probably missed this crucial first step…

This is a pretty common scenario: I’ll get on the phone with someone to consult with them about their business and somewhere in the conversation they’ll ask a question. The question usually sounds something like this: “Should I get a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile? What about Pinterest? Or Instagram?” It’s a […]

Ideas to generate passive income with content

Running a business — one in which you provide services to your clients — sometimes ties you to the clock: You can only perform so many services in a day and that puts a cap on your income. As a copywriter, this is a frustration I face. Yes, you can become more efficient, yes you […]

Case study: Fixing $5 haircuts

There’s a humorous business story about two competing barber shops that were next door to each other. One barber shop cut their prices so ridiculously low that they were sure the other shop wouldn’t stay in business much longer: They put up a sign that said “$5 hair cuts”. Not to be outdone, but not […]

Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Analytics, productivity, and content marketing’ edition

It was a short week of reading because I was travelling for part of it. So here’s what read this week… The snapshot is not the game. Have you ever read a blog post and felt that you were looking at only the part of the iceberg that was above the water? That’s what I […]

Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘List building, content marketing, and objection handling’ edition

Here’s what I’m reading this week: 41 tips that put over 10,000 people on my email subscription list. If you’re looking to build a list of email subscribers (and you should be trying to do that!!!) then this is a good, comprehensive blog post of tips that you need. I heartily agree with almost all […]