The one time that you SHOULD make your prospects feel stupid

I remember one time trying to sell insurance to a prospective client and I fell into the terrible industry insider habit of using an acronym instead of the actual name of the insurance product. That client called me out on it (rather harshly, but for good reason) and reminded me that I was the expert […]

What the mob can teach you about running a local business

I love mobster movies (and TV shows). The Godfather, Goodfellas, Boardwalk Empire… Mob movies give a glimpse into a world that many of us do not encounter. I think one of the things that we like about mob movies is that the backstory is often the same, and it’s something that resonates with us: Someone […]

Small business strategy question: Who are your indirect competitors?

Businesses face stiff competition and entrepreneurs must bring to bear all of the tools and strategies and resources they possibly can in order to compete. One activity worth spending time on is to go through my list of 100 small business strategy questions to analyze what your business is like, where the opportunities are, and […]

Sales case study of my recent camera purchase at Best Buy

I recently decided to buy a video camera. I haven’t owned one before so I decided to shop around a bit online but ultimately I wanted to take a look at some models in a store too. I shopped around online, narrowed my list down to about a dozen, then further narrowed my list down […]

Small business strategy question: Why would someone want to buy from you instead of your competition?

This post is part of an ongoing series exploring 100 small business strategy questions. Businesses used to be hard to start. But now, thanks to the web, they are insanely easy to start. This leveling of the field was good in some ways but also bad in some ways, too. The web made it easy […]