The cost required to surpass the competition

I’ve said before that I’m a fan of NASCAR and I’ve observed an interesting aspect of racing that provides some insight into running your business. Throughout the race, the cars string out in a line and the faster and more competitive cars end up at the front while the slower, less competitive cars end up […]

Small business strategy question: Who are your indirect competitors?

Businesses face stiff competition and entrepreneurs must bring to bear all of the tools and strategies and resources they possibly can in order to compete. One activity worth spending time on is to go through my list of 100 small business strategy questions to analyze what your business is like, where the opportunities are, and […]

Sherlock Holmes had Moriarty… Who is your villain?

Branding has traditionally been thought of as defining who you are, and there are many branding techniques and methods that start with you defining what your business’ purpose is and then working outwards from that central point to identify the brand. But it’s worth considering what your brand is not. It’s worth thinking about the […]

How to eliminate price pressure from people who don’t want to pay your fees

Real estate and financial advisors are under a lot of pressure to lower their fees for clients. The pressure is sometimes audibly heard from clients who blatantly ask: “Would you consider lowering your fee for me?“. And sometimes it’s not heard at all because the prospective client doesn’t bother using your service and decides to […]