Client Spotlight: KMGI

KMGI is a New York-based web and interactive media marketing firm that specializes in webmercials, web presentations, multimedia sites, and more. They have an impressive list of clients and have won several awards for their work over the past 13 years.

Recently, KMGI contracted me to complete a number of projects for them, including a marketing plan for a client and some content strategy development for a blog belonging to one of their subsidiaries.

Client Spotlight:

Investors need good insight to help them make wise investment decisions. Finding those trusted sources isn’t always easy. MetalsNews can help. MetalsNews provides investors with news, insight, price quotes, and interviews about base and precious metals and rare earths. This is a hot investment sector!

I’ve been working with MetalsNews to help them bring timely news and insightful interviews to their audience. At various times I will highlight specific companies, countries, sectors, or people. It might be a small news item from a mine in China that could impact the global source of a specific mineral or it could be an interview with a mining executive whose company just discovered gold. It’s sector-specific news and insight, always with the investor in mind. I’m thrilled to be working with Dr. Allen Alper and his team!

Client Spotlight: Butch Grimes

AaronHoos_client_ButchGrimesReal estate professionals need lots of relevant, ongoing information to help them stay current and run their practices. That’s what Butch Grimes delivers. Butch Grimes operates the website We Talk Real Estate, an internet radio site all about real estate for real estate professionals. His compelling and entertaining style make him a popular radio show host as well as a popular seminar speaker.

Butch contacted me as he was preparing for a few speaking engagements this past summer. He was criss-crossing the Western hemisphere, giving speeches and leading discussions at various real estate events. I supported him by working on his speech and by creating some handouts and downloadable support content he could leave in the hands of his audience.

Client Spotlight: BlackHorse Fund

AaronHoos_BusinessWriter_Client_BlackHorseFundIn the world of investing, equities pale in comparison to the much larger foreign exchange market. The nature of the market can be riskier and far more rewarding than what most investors are used to. Forex fund BlackHorse is a private fund that pools investors’ money to trade currencies.

BlackHorse Fund contracted me on a long-term basis to work with them. They have a bunch of proprietary systems and methods so I can’t really tell people what I do for them. Still, I can say that I create a bunch of internal and external content and I create and implement a large portion of their communication strategy.

Client Spotlight: Gail Boswell’s Stay In Touch(R) System

AaronHoos_BusinessWriter_client_SITSReal Estate professionals can have a hard time generating leads and getting repeat business. Part of the problem is lack of differentiation in a highly competitive market. That’s where Gail Boswell’s Stay In Touch® System comes in. Gail Boswell is a successful real estate professional who has helped other real estate professionals to connect with their target market through postcards.

Her postcards are exceptionally well designed and her system has proven to be a success-generator for thousands of real estate agents over the years.

I’ve been working with Gail and her team on a number of different projects, primarily to create a larger presence on the web. There is a huge opportunity for a number of professionals (real estate professionals, of course, but also financial professionals, medical professionals, and others) to grow their business with postcards.