Case study: Dealing with the problem of rapid business growth

Business growth sounds good, doesn’t it? But rapid business growth can cause problems — perhaps more problems than you realize. There was a year in my business when I enjoyed rapid business growth. It was awesome! But the next year brought a tax bill that caught me completely by surprise and I spent the rest […]

5 types of case studies to use in your sales funnel

Marketing is all about telling stories and a case study is a type of story about a customer who had a problem until they bought your solution. Case studies are very effective ways to market your business because the prospective buyers in your sales funnel see themselves in these stories and it helps to convince […]

Case study: Content strategy to enable business model change

The following is a case study derived from working with a client: BizTrade, the Community-Powered Business Exchange. PROBLEM: The client approached me because they were dramatically changing their business. For several years, they had worked in the highly competitive business brokerage industry, helping business owners who wanted to buy or sell a business. But they […]

Case study: Recovering wasted assets

The following is a case study derived from working with a client. To preserve confidentiality, I am only describing the problem and not the client. PROBLEM: A client approached me with a problem. Their organization had invested thousands of dollars to hire a company to create 3 five minute training videos for their new product. […]