How to start a business when you DON’T have a product or service

I’ve always aspired to be a business owner, even when I was a kid. And I would stay awake at night dreaming up business ideas. In high school and college, I obsessed with the question: “What product or service should I sell?” I remember coming up with and discarding so many ideas. I think the […]

Starting a business when it’s hard to start a business

I was recently contacted by a friend of mine who is interested in starting a business. She is dabbling in the business now — on a VERY part time basis — and wants to get serious. So we talked about what that looked like and how to get there. She described for me what her […]

Why I’m remodeling my house (instead of hiring someone else to do it)

I’m remodeling my house: A brand new, reconfigured (and expanded) kitchen. Same with the upstairs bathroom (put in a claw-foot bathtub!). Downstairs, it’s a similar story: We had some unused space so we tore down some walls and expanded the downstairs bathroom so it now has a shower. I’m doing a lot of the work […]

6 invisible problems of success: Why sales funnel overload is a bad thing for your business

A successful business is good… unless the business becomes too successful too quickly. When success strikes suddenly, 6 difficult-to-see problems threaten to destroy your business. Here are the 6 problems that you’ll never see sneaking up on you: You sell less per person As the number of contacts in your sales funnel increases, your ability […]