A rant about business plans: When was the last time you looked at yours?

When was the last time you looked at your business plan? Last week? Last year? Last decade? The day before you officially opened for business? In my experience, surprisingly few people write a business plan (I made exactly that mistake!); and those that do, write it and then let it grow dusty on the shelf, […]

How financial advisors can plan for success

Starting and running a financial advisory practice is a lot of work. (I know. I’ve done it!). There are a million different strategies and tactics — some dictated by your industry, some dictated by your firm, and the rest dangle before your eyes like a shiny promise. So how do you grow your business? How […]

Spend time focusing on your business structure

Entrepreneurs are sometimes too busy growing their business to give any thought to the overall strategy. But spending some time on business structure can help create a strong business. In a recent article posted online, I list a number of ways that we can understand structure in familiar organisms and organizations, and I show how […]

Act fast to grow your business

Entrepreneurs are busy people and sometimes they are so busy doing the tactical stuff that they miss the opportunity to do the strategic stuff. (Yeah, there are some business gurus who don’t like you doing the tactical stuff but it needs to get done and there aren’t always other people around to do it for […]

Small business strategy question: Where are your business blindspots?

Small business owners can sometimes get too close to their business — so close, in fact, that they struggle to do anything other than focus on the day-to-day operations and fail to work on the big picture strategy. (And many small business owners don’t know how to work on strategy because they are moonlighting or […]