A rant about business plans: When was the last time you looked at yours?

When was the last time you looked at your business plan? Last week? Last year? Last decade? The day before you officially opened for business? In my experience, surprisingly few people write a business plan (I made exactly that mistake!); and those that do, write it and then let it grow dusty on the shelf, […]

This easy 9-step business plan still works amazingly well

As new entrepreneurs start up, one of their first and most important questions is: “What should I sell and should I sell it?” Here’s a business model that continues to work. I’ve worked with many dozens of entrepreneurs who use this model; I have enjoyed using this model myself; my wife is building a business […]

For want of a nail: Why I’m writing my business plan

Do you hear the beep-beep-beep of a truck backing up? That’s me. Image by klepas via Flickr I’ve been writing for years but never had an official business plan. (Gasp). It’s not like I wake up every day and think “what the hell will I do today?”. I DO have plans. But they are mostly […]