‘Business Meta-Map’ at MindMeister.com

I was browsing through MindMeister.com’s mindmaps recently and noticed that there were a lot of great maps (especially for small business owners) but there was little order to them. You sometimes really have to search for them! So I created a meta-map — a mindmap that links out to many maps and provides a sort […]

How to be a successful, profitable freelancer by building a freelance sales funnel

The secret to being a successful, profitable freelancer is to treat it like a business. Set aside time to work, set aside time to live. Manage your expenses and income. And most importantly, build a sales funnel and fill it with contacts from your target market. If you’re thinking about becoming a freelancer, or if […]

Favorite video: Customer trends – The economics of free

In this fourth of 5 videos, Janice Roberts talks about a customer trend that is also a business model: The economics of free. This one seems counter-intuitive but it’s the way business is now… and the way it will continue to be! Watch it on Academic Earth

Is your MLM business on life support?

Multi level marketing businesses are sold to participants on the idea of growing a turnkey business, building a downline income and succeeding to the point where you get a boatload of passive income and can sit by your pool all day sipping martinis. Sounds nice. Which is why MLM’s sell so well. But most network […]

Smart strategy: Wal-Mart competes with Amazon

Image via Wikipedia Wal-Mart has just stepped up to create a compelling online offer that should rival sites like Amazon. Traditionally, Wal-Mart’s business model has been to sell its inventory and it makes huge profit through excellence and innovation in supply chain management. Amazon, on the other hand, has a business model of selling other […]