2011 is here. Let’s get started!

Happy New Year! 2011 is here and I’m very excited about it! This is a favorite time of year for me because I love making goals and planning out what I’m going to do in the year. This year, I have a number of initiatives I’m working on. SALES FUNNELS AND SALES FUNNEL STRATEGY Last […]

Your business has multiple content strategies

I confess that I tend to write most about the sales-specific content strategy: Mapping your content against your sales funnel so that you generate more leads, more sales, more repeat sales. But there are other pathways to which content should be mapped. Human Resources should have a defined pathway from hire to retire and internal […]

Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot business strategy: Market leader versus the clones

Image via Wikipedia The office supply space nicely demonstrates the strength of the market leader versus the struggle of the clones. Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot: On the surface they look to be exactly the same business — office stuff. And when you compare their products and services, it does seem to be that […]

Case study: Content strategy to enable business model change

The following is a case study derived from working with a client: BizTrade, the Community-Powered Business Exchange. PROBLEM: The client approached me because they were dramatically changing their business. For several years, they had worked in the highly competitive business brokerage industry, helping business owners who wanted to buy or sell a business. But they […]

Understand your customers to sell more

We can’t sell all of our products to everybody. If you’ve approached business with that mindset (“who WOULDN’T want my product?!?”) then you’ve been throwing away your money with ineffective marketing. Businesses are more successful when they narrow their customer base, understand those customers really well, and ignore everything else. When I stopped writing content […]