How to transition from a struggling bricks-and-mortar business to a successful online business

In a recent issue of Clickbank’s ezine GetRichClick, I read a great article about two business partners who owned a gym. Facing industry pressure to lower prices, they slowly transitioned their offline bricks-and-mortar business to an online one… a very successful online business. Starting with a small product and relying on organic search (instead of […]

Sales Funnel analysis: Call of Duty Black Ops Jeep – A great idea but the sales funnel falls flat

A banner ad caught my eye this morning; it was for a “Call of Duty Black Ops Jeep“. I think that’s a great co-branding idea, since the target market for Black Ops is exactly the target market that would consider buying a Jeep. Two thumbs up for this marketing idea! So even though I’m not […]

Just read: ‘How far should Google go with its brand boost?’ at Econsultancy

Great article about the importance of brands in Google’s search algorithm. If there’s a major brand in your industry, read this article! If there’s opportunity to BE the major brand, read this article! How far should Google go with its ‘brand’ boost? | Econsultancy.

Your marketplace is changing. Are you keeping up?

A friend of mine observed that I tend to change my brand a lot: Longtime readers will know that I’ve shifted various aspects of my blog and my brand over the years. The reason for this continuous shift isn’t a lack of definition about who I am or what I do; it’s not because I […]

Turn your plateaus into springboards for a brighter business future

Last night I received a call from a friend of mine who is contemplating a move. He is an independent consultant affiliated with a national organization and he’s been offered an interesting opportunity with another organization. His current position offers a higher potential cash flow (although a big payday hasn’t happened yet) and the new […]