11 ways to build credibility for your business

Prospects are more likely going to turn into customers when they feel that they will be buying from a company that is credible. The more credible you are — the more trust and authority that prospects ascribe to you — the more likely you are going to win their hard-earned dollars when they are ready […]

The power of free: Why you should give stuff away for free in your business

Free has always been a useful way to get more business. Thanks to the web, free is even more important today. I love “free” because it is so powerful and valuable and I really believe that all businesses should adopt some kind of free incentive in their business. Check out some of my thoughts about […]

7 ways that real estate professionals can differentiate themselves from their competition

I love the real estate industry. There is so much opportunity for an entrepreneurial, self-starting salesperson to succeed. Unfortunately, when I look around at real estate professionals within the industry, I see many professionals who struggle. With all due respect to my friends, colleagues, and clients in the real estate industry, one of the problems […]

Celebrity brands: Building a brand without a product or service

When we think of a brand, we often think of a corporate brand like Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, Starbucks, etc. Each of these brands evoke a certain emotion; each of these brands make a statement about the user. But brands aren’t only specific to a product. People have brands, too. I recently wrote about how Jimmy […]

Sherlock Holmes had Moriarty… Who is your villain?

Branding has traditionally been thought of as defining who you are, and there are many branding techniques and methods that start with you defining what your business’ purpose is and then working outwards from that central point to identify the brand. But it’s worth considering what your brand is not. It’s worth thinking about the […]