Client Spotlight: BlackHorse Fund

In the world of investing, equities pale in comparison to the much larger foreign exchange market. The nature of the market can be riskier and far more rewarding than what most investors are used to. Forex fund BlackHorse is a private fund that pools investors’ money to trade currencies. BlackHorse Fund contracted me on a […]

Barriers to entry in the condiments industry

Starting a small business can be challenging: What do you sell? How do you price your product/service? How do you get it to the market? In some cases, just entering the industry can be challenging because of barriers. Here’s a great example of a barrier to entry and how it is being overcome: My aunt […]

Real estate differentiator

A friend and I were throwing around some business ideas and talking about the challenges that real estate agents have in differentiating themselves from the competition. We talked about an auction-style system akin to or I wondered if there was space for something similar in the real estate industry. Turns out, there already […]

Death and longevity of brands

Brands come and go. A couple years ago, people would have said “Twitter what?” But now it’s the latest in a long line of social media darlings. These two articles, from SeekingAlpha gives us an interesting perspective on 12 brands that are likely to survive and 12 brands that are likely to die. I say […]