10 reasons for business blogging that have nothing to do with earning revenue

In the world of business blogging, one of the main purposes of blogging is to earn revenue — either by blogging “traffic bait” that brings tons of traffic to your site so they’ll click on the advertisements, or by blogging content that converts your target market into buyers of your product or service. Those are […]

A misguided trend in blogging

I’ve been hearing a somewhat alarming and frustrating trend in blogging lately that I think is misguided. Recently I read about a blogger who observed that Friday was the day in which his blog had the lowest traffic so he decided that he was going to blog about a different (off-brand) topic on Fridays. He […]

What 1001 blog posts taught me about blogging

The last blog post (posted a couple of days ago entitled: “Small business strategy question: What does your business do? And what does your business sell?“) was blog post #1001. Technically I’ve written more blog posts than this but I lost a bunch when I switched from Blogger to WordPress a few years ago. WHAT […]

Is the ‘CSI effect’ hindering your success?

If you are a financial advisor or real estate professional, a condition very similar to “the CSI effect” could be hindering your success. WHAT IS THE CSI EFFECT? The CSI effect is a problem faced by the justice system when juries place too much faith in fingerprints and DNA evidence. It’s called “the CSI effect” […]

Step-by-step to start a real estate investing blog

If you are a real estate investor (or thinking about becoming one), a blog might help you build your business so you get more deals and can profit from them faster. Here is a step-by-step to start your own real estate investing blog: 1. DECIDE WHO YOUR IDEAL READER WILL BE Who do you want […]