Here’s The Simple Way To Create A Competitive Advantage For A Promotion, New Job, Or To Start A Business

Last year I was speaking to a group of people about how to get a competitive advantage. It was a mixed audience of professionals and college students, so I wanted to give them some practical ways that they could create a competitive advantage for themselves. I ended up telling them this, off the cuff, near […]

Accountants: Is your blog putting your website visitors to sleep?

Accountants play a vital role for businesses and individuals who need to make sense of their financial situation. If you’re an accountant, people need your financial guidance and insight. And you need to use online marketing to position yourself as a skilled and competent professional. Unfortunately, when it comes to online marketing, you have a […]

Should you accept guest posts on your blog?

With increasing frequency, I’m getting requests from people who are asking if they can write a guest post for my blog. I thank them for the offer but tell them no. Yet, I’m a big proponent of posting guests posts and I write them all the time to promote my biz and my clients’ businesses. […]

10 reasons for business blogging that have nothing to do with earning revenue

In the world of business blogging, one of the main purposes of blogging is to earn revenue — either by blogging “traffic bait” that brings tons of traffic to your site so they’ll click on the advertisements, or by blogging content that converts your target market into buyers of your product or service. Those are […]

10 blog posts an accountant or bookkeeper should write

Blogging is a great way for accountants and bookkeepers to build search engine optimized traffic and connect with their target market. If you are an accountant or bookkeeper, here are 10 blog posts that you should write: Write SEO-friendly content to talk about the town or community you serve. Specifically, consider writing blog posts about […]