When should you start a new goal or project?

When you think of a goal, it’s tempting to start at the beginning of a new calendar period. So we make New Year Resolutions at the beginning of the year. Or we swear that we’ll stick to our diet starting on Monday. Or we commit to a new marketing initiative for our business at the […]

Confessions of an ineffectve executioner: Qualities of a great finisher (part 3)

I always have ideas bubbling in my head. I get them down on paper. I sort through them. I start a bunch. I finish much less than I start. I’m okay with that to some degree because I believe everything in business is a test. You need to get something out into the world and […]

Confessions of an ineffective executioner: A study in the process of starting and finishing (part 2)

Finishing. It’s a skill that I lack. I know I’m not alone. I think a lot of entrepreneurs are great starters. They’re dreamers, optimists, initiators. To hijack a financial term, entrepreneurs are bullish on the future. I don’t know a lot of successful entrepreneurs who are great finishers. (They might be out there, I’ve just […]

Confessions of an ineffective executioner: Why it’s so hard to finish what you start (part 1)

I love dreaming up new ideas. I love starting things. My mind is always brimming with things I want to try. A torrent of ideas is helpful in my line of work. And when I can get those ideas down fast, act on them fast, and see results… I’m a happy writer. The problem is, […]

Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up

Congratulations for reaching the end of the year! It’s the end of December. Time to fill out your Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up. Are you ready for next year?!? Wondering what the heck a Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up is? Read the first Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up blog post that kicked it all off!