Angel investor article: How GAAP and IFRS impact your investing

Venture Hype is a blog focused on helping angel investors. Recently, they published an article of mine that highlighted what angel investors need to know about Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Read my June 3rd article: “Reader’s Question Answered: What The @$#! is GAAP and IFRS?“

Angel investor article: How to manage your angel group

Sometimes angel investors invest on their own, but there is safety in numbers. In my article published at invitation-only resource site Venture Hype on May 6th, I discuss the difference between member-led angel investor groups and professionally managed angel investor groups in an article entitled How to manage your angel group“.

Energy industry articles

Alberta Oil Magazine delivers news, analysis, and insight for Canada’s energy sector. I’ve had the privilege of writing a number of articles for them, on a variety of topics over the years. The articles covered three main topics: Analysis and forecast of OPEC’s pricing Advertorials for oilfield companies History of the oil industry Notes I […]