Grow your business by selling with stories

Once upon a time I was a stockbroker and investment rep. I loved the analytical side of the biz and I loved connecting with people. But being an investment rep is a lot of stealing clients away from other reps, which is not cool. (Sadly the crappy parts of the job outweighed the good parts […]

Aaron’s Answers: Marketing a subscription only site

The Question: Njore J.  KARANJA asked: I am in the process of creating a subscription-only website. How do I go about marketing it for subscribers, and what is the best payment method? Aaron’s Answer: I can’t answer the payment methods but I can help you on the marketing side. Without knowing very much about your site, […]

Blog content defibrillator

Your blog content is good and you hope that people go back and read the archives in the future… but they rarely do. There’s no need to let that content disappear! Break out the defibrillator and get a blog post’s heartbeat going again. Get people reading old blogs by doing some of the following: Once […]

I want to like Squidoo: Objections about Squidoo’s strategy (and a way forward)

Image via CrunchBase Squidoo is a site that allows users to build “lenses” and add various types of modules to create content. There are text and image modules, interactive modules, and sales-related modules (connected to Amazon, etc). I love the idea of Squidoo because I believe in content and I think giving people the power […]

Exploring the best place to start marketing your online business

I’ve been speaking with a client recently about writing content to market his business. Initially, he was thinking about an offsite blog that would attract traffic and drive it to his landing page. I do like this approach in many cases because a blog gives an opportunity for businesses to position themselves and demonstrate thought […]